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Locals Stays ‌I‌n‌c‌.‌ is a private-held global company based on economy sharing. Following a successful business model run by the headquarter located in Beijing, China. Local Stays is now opening up a new market in North America and operating a muti-platformed system for managing different lodgings, (majorly homestays) from our members.


As the expansion and development of the company, we has now reached the North American market. At present, as the North American market segment Locals Stays, we are focusing on the Luke Boutique B&B development in Montreal, Toronto.


In addition to Montreal and Toronto, we will be spreading our boutique B&B concept for our users in Vancouver. Travelers will soon be able to enjoy the warm, homelike boutique B&B in Vancouver by using Locals Stays platform.

Multi-platform Release

Locals Stays Inc. syncs our lodging listings on major lodging platforms like Airbnb, Expedia, Booking, and Tripadvisor. Furthermore, our official website is going to apply the implement API interface docking in order to offer efficient solutions to the possible docking problems from all major platforms.

Improve the utility of the house

Our company help the lodging owners maximize the value of their properties by carrying out different marketing activities and analysis.

Increase distribution channels

Different platforms are used for displaying our products. All our users can easily access to the available channels.

Prevent duplicate booking

The implement APR interface docking technology helps us prevent the possible duplicate booking on different platforms. Once the lodging gets reserved, the other platforms will be updated timely.

Increase operational efficiency

We offer efficient follow-ups for our users. To ensure our business to work functionally, we have professional operation team and marketing team that work effectively as an integrated whole.